Well located in Naarden

The best place to live in the Netherlands: Naarden has earned that title several times. One of the reasons for this? The diversity in real estate. Because from monumental mansions and canal houses in the old Naarden-Vesting to exclusive villas in the suburbs: Naarden offers everything. Add to that beautiful nature and plenty of liveliness and Naarden is and remains a winner.

Choose for beautiful and luxurious living in Naarden

Luxury living in the fortified city

Thanks to the green surroundings full of water, forest and heathland, Naarden offers extensive recreational possibilities. In the midst of all that nature is also plenty of exclusive real estate. From design villas that meet the most modern requirements to country houses that are unparalleled. And of course there are the famous Urban Villas at Buitenplaats Naarden by designer Jan des Bouvrie. With a view of the golf course and the Gooi Lake a coveted place to live. 

Exclusive housing offer in Naarden

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